Feng Shui: Get unnecessary stuff out of your bags (they steal your wealth and prosperity)

Our bags we wear and use every day are mostly inadvertently overwhelmed by unnecessary items that destabilize the energy flow and prosperity.

2017-10-10 10.16.19
So, listen to the ancient method of Feng Shui and make your “bag of abundance”
Mrs. Jayme Barrett, a Feng Shui expert, advises how to make the energy flow free, and from overcrowded bags to make a bag of abundance.
1. Make the intent of abundance in the bag – your bag keeps your wallet, keys to the home and the car … What is it about you? What makes you feel excited? Now is the moment to express the intent of her – she needs to call and multiply your energy of abundance.
2. Adjust the mess in the bag – shake the contents of your bag (and wallets, briefcases and / or computer bags if you wear them) every few weeks. Get rid of anything that does not support your self-confidence and revenue, get the garbage out of the bag. Organize things in a bag so that you can find everything quickly. Do not let the disorder stop the flow of wealth!
3. Choose red and gold – red and gold are the colors of wealth and abundance that give the energy boost to your cash flow. They are great colors for the wallet. Keep your wallet in good condition to always be great and buy a new one when your old wallet is down. Once a week, you will have to withdraw your bank accounts and certificates from them if you have the habit of saving them in your wallet. For personal feelings of prosperity, always carry a bigger banknote (domestic currency or foreign currency) in your wallet.
4. Clean the cosmetic bag – do not overlook the beauty of a cosmetic bag and throw away any used or unsuitable make-up, disguised or improper make-up. Do not keep promotional samples as they are free; many people may have already passed the deadline. Keep only the products and colors you wear and love.
5. Get a handbag holder – often in the premises, you do not have the place to put your bag up, so get a carry case on these occasions. Do not place the bag on the floor, because it drains the energy and the flow of money.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

This is my submission for The Weekly Photo Challenge.

A cup of good Italian espresso, and….

2014-11-15 09.53.28

some chocolates,…

2017-11-25 09.30.30

2017-11-25 09.30.39

2017-11-25 09.30.49

http://www.makzara.ba (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina),..or try this…

2017-11-25 09.32.49

2017-11-25 09.33.04

Choco Club

http://www.vispak.ba (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Whatever is your choice, enjoy it.


Will your wish come true?

This is a test of personality. Based on a couple of sentences, or eds, we can find out about the person, her/his life, desires, and fears.

Below is a picture of 5 roses. Look at the picture and choose one of them randomly or the rose that is the most beautiful one.

Each rose describes you. Do not think too much before choosing a rose, as this may be the wrong choice and the test solution will not be correct.


Rose number 1.

You are an extremely emotional person. Rose number one symbolizes tenderness because it looks like it. You are a big child and emotionally vulnerable. Even the smallest things can hurt you because you do not know how to completely surrender, either in friendship or in an emotional relationship. Your secrets do not easily go to other people because you are afraid of betrayal.

Your family is of utmost importance, but also plays an important role for you in any relationship. Without it, you can not work. When it comes to money, you are not someone who sells the soul of the devil because of it, but just like in all other situations, you are satisfied with small things which you need to have a normal life.

Your greatest desire is to find love from your dreams, or love from fairy tales, where emotions are big and endless, as in those old stories, “they lived happily for the rest of their lives.” That’s what you need, someone who can understand you, and love you and accept what you are. You are loyal in love and your biggest problem is that it is very difficult to find someone like you.

We have good news for you, you have been deprived of rights, love of dreams, but you will have to fold many times before you come across a rouge, or find a partner who is willing to let you live your life.

Rose number 2.

Rose number two, as well as its color, symbolizes love at every moment and everywhere. In any case, it is not about the love of a certain kind, that is, general love reserved for a friend or family or a partner. People who choose this rose can be assured that they are open for co-operation in all the fields of their lives.

Those people are sacrificed at every moment, so if they need to be in danger, to accomplish their goals they will do it. Simply, people who choose a rose number two are ready for everything, earning their happiness. Nothing works accidentally or partially, but from the beginning to the end, without choosing the means, they do everything to reach their goal. In this case, the goal is to realize the desire.

The greatest desire of people who have chosen this rose is that their life is happy in love because their love is the meaning of life. People who choose this rose have unfortunately been condemned to suffer most of their love, so their desire is difficult to achieve, but in the years to come they will find the right person.

Rose No. 3.

You are happy person and also caring one. Your behavior looks like a butterfly’s behavior in the spring, for every problem you find a solution because you are happy nature and there are no unreasonable situations for you. Your thoughts are bright and optimistic for you and when it is a black situation, because of your happy nature you turn to be in a bad mood and look at it from the bright side.

Because of your joyful nature, others love you in their difficult moments, they always ask you to impress and cheer them up. Also, you are able to solve the problems of others as if they were yours.

Friends love you, and acquaintances love you and everyone should always be in your society.

Your greatest wish is to succeed in a business sense. You invest heavily in your education and worry that you will be successful in your profession, as much as you are successful in all other spheres of your life.

Given that you invest heavily into work on yourself , there are great chances that you will have great business success, whatever is your choice of profession. The only thing we draw attention to, is the fact that it is nice to have money, but you should not forget how important it is to have love in your life.

Rose No. 4.

You will never be sure if you have chosen a rose, or has picked you the rose. This rose reveals your tough character, or shows the right emotional state when you are in question. Your heart has recently been wounded, so you have chosen a rose that looks like it has just started to black or dry.

No joy in your behavior, in your will for life, and for your strength. It looks as if all the seas have sunk. About you all is black, and you behave even worse. Do not get bored, do not hang around, so look at things with fear from tomorrow. This is a big mistake, regardless of the current situation, at least not optimism is at odds.

If you chose a rose under number four, your greatest wish is to change your attitude towards the world and the environment, that you stop being such a pessimist. Of course, you have so many lives in your life that you will continue to hope that you will also get better days. You have the feeling that destiny has been hurting you, if you only want to pass through difficult days.

If you do not change your behavior and do not enter a bit of optimism in your daily life, your desire is unmanageable. Beside your destiny, everything else is in your hands!

Rose No. 5.

This rose represents your development and progress in every respect. Everything that has been in place so far, will now change. You will simply procreate like the rose you chose. You will be faced with great chances of progress and you will be opening great paths and giving you more chances.

Yours is the way to go and you will be the one to choose your chances. Since you are willing to fight and be capable and brave enough, keep in mind that nothing is impossible!

The greatest desire of people who have chosen a rose under number five is to get them into a family environment.

You have been raised on a way that your family is a priority and a home of the saint, that you will endure your life to find the kind soul with which you will be able to achieve the love of fairy tale.

Your offspring is the most important thing, so all your wishes will be realized as soon as you become a parent.

Realistically speaking, you are not looking for a lot of life because you will get anyway  a lot of life, just do not change and stay positive and, most importantly, never lose faith in yourself!

The period of the year you are born speaks a lot about you!

The period of the year you are born can say a lot about you and explain your specificity of character, all the beauties you possess and all the qualities you have.

2017-10-14 07.22.03


You are a good soul who loves to help your neighbors and gladly listen to them. The people you are surrounded often think of you as their rescuer, and with your appearance, you can make them smiling. It’s easy for you to make friends. You are humble and have a great desire to change the world of the better.

Your strongest feature is the big heart.


You have the diligent problems to deal with on easier way and you are very independent. Imagine and appreciate the moments you can relax. You are positive and people love to hang out with you. The truth is very important to you and you always do your best to avoid lying to the people you love.

Your strongest feature is resourcefulness.


Before you make any decision, you will do your best to analyse and plan. You’ve always been a bit cautious and easy to recognize a lie of truth. When you talk to people, you love to have deep conversations and you have no problem telling them all – whether it’s good or bad news. You are very open, experienced and you are able to provide quality advice.

Your strongest characteristic is sharpness.


When someone is looking for some help, assistance or any service, it’s hard for you to say “No”. Also, when you love someone, you can love him/her for the rest of your life and give yourself completely. Many consider you a very good friend and price your character. You are great at home and people are happy to visit you. As you are generous person, you are great host, when your guests are concerned.

Your strongest feature is generosity.

Source: 24sata.hr

An unusual month of the year: February

We all know that the month of February is year’s period when many carnivals are held. This month is the time when cats steam and love other cats. This is the time of the year when nature is awake, and also means ending many of winter bargains.
The month of February is known to the people as “a water month”, because the snow melts and creates a slush.

2018-02-10 07.54.24

The folk proverb says that “with water all goes quickly”. February is a positive month since it comes after January, which is for many people the longest month of the year.
Scientists believe that February is the worst month for sleep, because we need 8 minutes to fall asleep longer than in the other months. That is why 68% of people have less energy in February, 28% of people are depressed.

Women are affected especially by lack of sleep and bad mood. There is a cure for bad mood. Easiest cure is to walk in clean air, talk to a positive person, and a good shopping often helps.