Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

Those pictures symbolize transition from the old way of living(cooking) to the new one. Nowadays, we go to the nearest shop and easily  buy any pot or plate or cooking item. In the recent past, people in Sarajevo use to buy some “hand made” cooking items and use to cook all meals outside of their homes or weekend house. It was a very nice period of living. Some small shops still exist in the old part of Sarajevo, where you are able to buy some of these old cooking items.

2000-03-11 19.01.38

2000-03-11 19.01.52

2000-03-11 19.01.56

2000-03-11 19.02.02

As time passes one day those items will be just souvenirs.

This is my contribution for  Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta.

Thank you for watching and have a great Friday.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

    1. Dear Linda,

      Yes, there are only a few of those old shops in the old part of Sarajevo, where you can still buy some old and hand made pots. Sounds great. Best regards, Amela.

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