Turbe seven brothers

Turbe seven brothers is Jedileri Tekke in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jedileri tekke from The Naqshbandiyyah order is  founded 1879 by Mr. Sejfulah Iblizović. This was initially a tomb for the guardian of The Seven Brothers Tekke, which is built by  Mr. Suleiman Pasha Skopljak around 1815.

2017-06-04 09.25.36

2017-06-04 09.25.48

Tradition says that unknown Sheikh was buried in the tomb, who came with Sultan Fatih. Later, two dervishes were buried here, after being suspected and innocent executed on the occasion of stealing money from the Pasha’s Sarai 1494. Then in the same tomb there were buried four captains accused and killed by Mustafa Pasha Dalbatan.  They did not pass the information on the invasion of the Army of Prince Eugene of Savoy in Sarajevo in 1697. This was their sin.



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