Zašto s godinama zaboravljamo?

  1. Ako imate između 30 i 50 godina starosti.

Šta je normalno? Zaboraviti imena drugih ljudi, nadimke, zaboraviti ključeve, mobitele ili novčanike. Zaboraviti telefonske brojeve ili datume rođenja.

Šta nije normalno? Nesnalaženje na poznatim lokacijama. Teškoće s prepoznavanjem lica, boja, oblika i riječi. Ostavljanje stvari na totalno pogrešnom mjestu.  Proces starenja povezan je sa problemima sa pamćenjem, te ne treba biti previše zabrinut ako zaboravljamo stvari. S starenjem se i mozak smanjuje, jer neuroni propadaju do 80% . Mozak zato gubi do 15% svoje prosječne težine. Veći problemi s pamćenjem u ovoj životnoj dobi su rijetkost, ali mogu biti znak početka demencije.

Kako sebi pomoći? Mozak brže propada, ako ne koristimo dovoljno svoje moždane vijuge. Bavite se raznim aktivnostima, kako biste stimulirali svoj mozak (čitanje, ispunjavanje ukrštenih riječi, iznova gledajte stare fotografije i sjetite se svih osoba na njima,…itd.). Istražujte nove lokacije, pišite, zapisujte.

  1. Ako imate između 50 i 70 godina.

Šta je normalno? Zaboraviti dogovor i nemogućnost da se sjetite po šta ste došli u prodavnicu ili drugu prostoriju.

Šta nije normalno? Zaboravljate svaki dan da li ste popili kafu ili čaj. Ne prepoznajete članove porodice. Izgubili ste sva sjećanja iz mladosti. Ostavljate stvari na pogrešna mjesta. Naše kratkoročno pamćenje je lako poremetiti. Veći problemi s pamćenjem mogu biti znak demencije. Najučestaliji su nakon 65. godine starosti.

Kako sebi pomoći? Tjelovježba čuva pamćenje i smanjuje rizik od demencije. Istraživanje u SAD-u je pokazalo da i 40-minutno hodanje nekoliko puta u 7 dana potiče rad hipokampusa, dijela mozga zaduženog za pamćenje.


Coffee grounds in the service of creativity, health and beauty

talog 1

After drinking our favorite beverage around the world-cafe, many of us washed cup and throw the precious coffee grounds. However, the coffee grounds has multiple benefits, from cleaning at home, creativity, care for pets, supplement to the garden to skincare.

talog 2

  1. Coffee grounds as help in cleaning your home-stains on ceramic tiles or work surfaces in the kitchen can be cleaned if you mix coffee grounds with water which has soap. Rub the spot where the stain is with this mixture. The granular texture of the coffee grounds is effective for cleaning the grill and remove the fat accumulated on the grill. If your sink is clogged, do the following: use coffee grounds, liquid soap and a cup of boiling water at the end of cleaning. The scratches on the furniture can be cleaned if you do the following: mix coffee grounds with warm water and vinegar. Soak a cotton swabs into this mixture and rub scratches on the furniture. This mixture can remove stains in the pan. When you make cakes, put a little coffee grounds for a richer taste of cakes. For barbecue – coffee grounds form a crust on the meat on the grill and leaves meat juicy. Coffee grounds give bittersweet taste to grilled meat.When cuts onions an unpleasant smell remains on your hands. Rub a Coffee grounds in your hands to remove odor.
  2. Coffee grounds at nursing your pats– to remove the fleas on the pet, do the following: when bathing a dog or a cat, after shampooing and before rinsing the shampoo, rub coffee grounds in the root of your pet’s fur.
  3. Coffee grounds in the service of beauty-except bags of tea, you can remove puffiness under the eyes with a coffee grounds. Mix coffee grounds with water. Make a thick paste. Put the mixture on the swollen place and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse it. Cellulite-mix coffee grounds with coconut oil. Do masage on problematic area of your skin with this mixture. Leave a few minutes. Rinse it. Do this every day. The changes will be visible after 2 weeks. Cleansing: mix coffee grounds with a few drops of olive oil. Clean the face. This hydrates your skin and makes it shine. Washing hair: granules of coffee grounds make your hair shines of cleanliness.
  4. Coffee grounds in your garden-cofee grounds are rich with nitrogen. Worms love it and it is excellent to use coffee grounds as fertilizer in the garden. Make compost by mixing existing fertilizer for the garden with leaves, fresh grass and coffee grounds. Leave this mixture for a few days. To remove the snails in the garden, do the following: instead of salt, sprinkle coffee grounds around flowers. Carrots will grow easier if you mix coffee grounds with the seed before planting carrots. Hydrangeas will get the blue color, if you add some coffee grounds to the soil where you plan to plant hydrangeas.
  5. Coffee grounds in the service of creativity-you’ll get a solid “sepia” effect if you mix a coffee grounds with water. Old tree will become new if you do the following: Mix a tablespoon of vinegar and sediment. Put an old wire for cleaning (rubbing) and some coffe grounds on the bottom of the jar and pour vinegar to the top of the jar. Allow this mixture to rest for one day. After 24 hours, remove the wire and use it for painting the wood. Let the layer to dry, clean debris and apply a second layer.

Tips for all persons allergic to nickel


  1. Allergy often appears on the skin, which is in contact with a clock and bracelets. Do a simple test: Have you ever had a rash on the ear or on the hand in which you wear a watch? Does the rash appeared on the site where skin touches the button of your jeans? If so, you probably have an allergy to nickel.
  2. Useful tip is to write a diary of what you eat and what difficulties arise after meals. When you detect a trigger to allergies, try to skip the food for a while to see if there are improvements.
  3. Nickel include: pineapple, baked plums, baking powder, beans, bread, edam cheese, peanuts, figs, canned fish, cereals, cabbage, offal, hazelnut, herring, cocoa, lettuce, sprouts, flax seeds, almonds , seafood, medlar, nuts, chocolate, soy, sunflower seeds, spinach, tea (also the one from the machine).
  4. This is one of the most common allergies in humans. Contact with objects that contain nickel (e.g., jewelry, door knobs, dishes), the skin reacts by the inflammation occurs in this-eczema.
  5. If you have an allergy to nickel strict diets are not recommended, because the wrong diet can jeopardize your health. The level of nickel in food is lowered by boiling. Food from cans rarely cause allergy because the cans are protected from inside.
  6. In the cooking of foods containing acid, nickel can be released from the metal of the metal washer. It is recommended to cook your food in dishes of enamel.
  7. The most important tip is to do self-observation and control with the consumption of certain foods, to determine what causes the emergence of allergies or allergies reinforcement.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent


2013-10-01 15.09.42

2013-10-01 15.09.48

2013-10-01 15.09.58

2013-10-01 15.11.51

2013-10-01 15.12.05

Many tourists come all over the year to visit Mostar and the beautiful river Neretva. The town is famous by its 500 old bridge over the river Neretva. The bridge was destroyed during the war times in 1992 and rebuilt again. It attracts many visitors every day.

This is my contribution for The Weekly Photo Challenge – Evanescent

Thank you for watching and have a great day.

Why we forget over the years?

  1. If you have between 30 and 50 years of age.

What is normal? Forget the names of other people, nicknames, forget the keys, cell phones or wallets. Forget phone numbers or dates of birth.

2017-05-13 08.36.45

What is not normal? Getting lost in familiar locations. The difficulties with recognizing faces, colors, shapes and words. Leaving things in totally wrong places. The aging process is associated with memory problems. Our brain get smaller with the aging because neurons deteriorate up to 80%. The brain thus loses up to 15% of its average weight. The larger memory problems in this age are rare, but can be a sign of the beginning of dementia.

How to help yourself? The brain quickly collapse if we do not use it enough. Engage yourself in a variety of activities to stimulate your brain (reading, filling crossed words, seing old photos and remember all the people in them, … etc.). Explore new locations, more write.

  1. If you have between 50 and 70 years.

What is normal? Forget the agreement and inability to remember what you’ve come to the store for.

What is not normal? You forget every day if you drink coffee or tea. You do not recognize family members. You lost all memories of your youth. Leaving things in the wrong places. Our short-term memory is easily upset. The larger memory problems may be a sign of dementia. The most common is after 65 years of age.

How to help yourself? Exercise saves memory and reduces the risk of dementia. Research in the US showed that the 40-minute walk a few times in 7 days stimulates the hippocampus, part of the brain responsible for memory.